Art for Kids

Summer Art Camp for Kids

Doors open at Ely’s Historic Miners Dry on Monday, June 7 at 8:45 AM for the Ely Arts & Heritage Center’s annual three-day Summer Children’s Art Camp.  Begun by volunteers at Whiteside Park in 1998,  Art Camp moved to Semer’s Park and found a permanent home at the Miners Dry in 2008.  The Dry is located just below the Pioneer Mine Headframe on N. Pioneer Road, at 105 Miners Lake Landing Road.

Camp will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 7, 8, and 9 from 9:00 AM until Noon at a cost of $50.  Summer visitors are welcome to register and attend.

Each student has four class sessions each day and a healthy snack. This year’s Camp features drawing, stenciling a Camp T-shirt, personalizing a walking stick, creating and painting a clay fish and stegosauras, making musical instruments and learning rhythm and crafting spool racers.  Students also will have guided tours of the Pioneer Mine Shaft House.

Artist teachers this year include Paya and Gail deMarcken, Judy Fredrickson, Bret and Kate Dale, Lee Nelson, Nancy Hernesma and Lowell Syverson.  On Wednesday at Noon parents and friends are invited to the Miners Dry for an Art Show featuring the works of the students and a short musical instrument performance.

Willing to be a volunteer helper or have questions?  Contact Co-Chairs Muffin Nelson at 218-235-1912 or Judy Fredrickson at 218 349-9980

Holiday Workshop

The Holiday Workshop involves building frosted houses and making Christmas ornaments. Fun for children of all ages and grown-ups. This candy and frosting-filled workshop happens in November. (And parents and grandparents enjoy it as much as the kids.) Be sure to contact us if you have a child who is interested. For the past two years the children have made decorations for the Ely community Holiday Tree in Whiteside Park. It’s a tradition of little hands giving back to the big hands of the community in a big way. Watch for news releases and check our calendar for more information about this fun time.

Every student is a star. When Ely schools started losing some of their funding and had cutbacks, Ely Greenstone Public Art saw a need. We volunteered to bring in top notch artists to fill the gap. Extremely popular with the teachers and the students, Ely Greenstone Public Art teaches and then showcases each students unique talent. Each of the two 6th grades complete a project.